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JOSERA feed for calves / Tips & Tricks

JOSERA Tips & Tricks - calf rearing

For a successful cattle and calf rearing a optimal feeding and husbandry is the most relevant part. With this guidebook we supply you with Tips around a successfull rearing of your calfs. With our articles we want to support your performance and animal-friendly breeding.

If you have any questions our consultants will be happy to help you any time.

Tips & Tricks

Immunity gaps in calves - “To ensure the right immune response from the first day of life!“

The rate of calf losses in Germany is approximately 15%. Two thirds of these are caused by diarrhoea. In addition to diseases of the digestive tract, respiratory infections can also complicate a successful start in life for a cow."

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Calf rearing made easy

Optimum calf rearing has a positive effect on the development and performance of the later dairy herd and thus forms the basis for successful dairy farming. Especially in the first weeks of life, the calves are very susceptible to husbandry, management and feeding errors. If this phase is designed in such a way that the calves are reared with optimised feeding and without health problems, successful rearing and an increase in performance in the later dairy herd can be achieved.

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Ad libitum feeding in calves – as much as the calf wants

The topic of ad libitum feeding of calves has been increasingly discussed over the last year. It should, moreover, be very positive for the development of calves, yet there is a lot of uncertainty and many unanswered questions on this subject.

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Winter feeding for calves

Cold weather is a burden on the organism of a calf, so the maintenance requirements of young animals in winter are much higher than in the rest of the year.
The right feeding and the right management are therefore crucial in this time to enable a smooth breeding and development of the calves.

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Rules for managing the birth of your calf

A calf is born. It’s a female. It’s from a good cow. The father is an excellent sire. This animal is supposed to give birth to a calf itself in two years and will become a strong cow. But until then, a number of challenges have to be mastered.

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Hygiene in the calf stall

Infectious respiratory diseases have a negative impact on the welfare of calves and the profitability of the farm. Often therapeutic measures are not enough to get the problem under control. It is more important to take all the issues of housing, stall climate, care and hygiene, into consideration to successfully rear calves.

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Respiratory diseases in calves
Respiratory diseases, such as coughs and pneumonia, are becoming increasingly common. The consequences are slower weight gain, additional expenditure for treatments and a longer rearing period. This should prompt us into doing everything we can to reduce the risk of illnesses in the calf stall.

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Dry Calf TMR - A recipe for successful calf-rearing!

Successful calf-rearing is essential in today’s milk production, in order to obtain cows with higher yields and greater longevity in your barn.

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Success Stories

JOSERA customer Franziska Grulich

JOSERA IgluVital - against diarrhoea in calves

"For a dairy farm the calves are the basis. That's why it's important to keep them healthy right from the start. We do a lot through nutrition - that's why we feed IgluVital."

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