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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   
JOSERA feed for calves / Tips & Tricks

JOSERA Tips & Tricks - calf rearing

For a successful cattle and calf rearing a optimal feeding and husbandry is the most relevant part. With this guidebook we supply you with Tips around a successfull rearing of your calfs. With our articles we want to support your performance and animal-friendly breeding.

If you have any questions our consultants will be happy to help you any time.

Hygiene in the calf stall
Infectious respiratory diseases have a negative impact on the welfare of calves and the profitability of the farm. Often therapeutic measures are not enough to get the problem under control. It is more important to take all the issues of housing, stall climate, care and hygiene, into consideration to successfully rear calves.
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Respiratory diseases in calves
Respiratory diseases, such as coughs and pneumonia, are becoming increasingly common. The consequences are slower weight gain, additional expenditure for treatments and a longer rearing period. This should prompt us into doing everything we can to reduce the risk of illnesses in the calf stall.

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Dry Calf TMR - A recipe for successful calf-rearing!

Successful calf-rearing is essential in today’s milk production, in order to obtain cows with higher yields and greater longevity in your barn.

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