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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   

JOSERA calf special products

Especially in the first few weeks after birth, the nutrition demands of calves are very high. If a calf fails to get optimum nutrition in this phase, the organs develop more slowly. This means that top performance in the cow’s later life is no longer possible. Therefore, optimum feeding that meets the requirements in the first few weeks of life has a major impact on the animal’s later performance potential.

This effect, which is also known as metabolic programming, is concluded after about the first three weeks of life. Feeding the calf with a high-quality, easily digestible milk replacer such as JOSERA IgluStart is essential during this phase. With the ongoing physiological development of the calves however, such feeding is neither required nor economically sensible. We therefore recommend switching to a milk replacer with a higher proportion of plant components in the course of multi-phase feeding. This also promotes the physiological development into a plant eater.

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JOSERA ProStart is our high-quality special feed for upgrading whole milk.



QS PrüfsystemGMP +DLG Gütezeichen
  • healthy and vital calves
  • quick growth
  • less time is spent because of a trouble-free calf rearing

JOSERA MycoBond is an innovative speciality feed to bind and deactivate mycotoxins.

The use of MycoBond enables:

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced animal losses
  • Better fertility

JOSERA VitalTrunk is our special high quality feed that can be used for calves as well as dairy cows.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Universal application
  • High quality nutrition
  • Readily accepted

A high quality starter muesli that leads to early rumen development and therefore prevents a growth slump.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Cost-effective calf rearing
  • High weight gains
  • Low application rate

JOSERA VitalAcid is a liquid feed supplement for acidification of your liquid calf diet.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Stable, palatable bulk liquid feed
  • Effective diarrhoea protection
  • Easy to use

JOSERA Colostrin contains immunoglobulin to strengthen the immune system. Therefore it is the ideal addition in the drinking phase.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Healthy calves
  • Increased robustness
  • Fast recovery from disease

Equipped with high-quality vitamins, JOSERA Combivit is the ideal supplement in case of high stress and infection pressure.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • High robustness
  • Strong immune system
  • Stable metabolism

JOSERA Curavit is our solution to diarrhoea in calves, effectively stopping it and preventing dehydration.

QS PrüfsystemGMP +
  • Robust calves
  • Fast effectiveness
  • Easy to use

JOSERA Desan is the ideal organic solution to reduce pathogen pressure and improve barn hygiene.

  • Universal in application
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable effectiveness