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Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 (0) 9371 940 107   

JOSERA milk replacer for calves

Especially in the first few weeks after birth, the nutrition demands of calves are very high. If a calf fails to get optimum nutrition in this phase, the organs develop more slowly. This means that top performance in the cow’s later life is no longer possible. Therefore, optimum feeding that meets the requirements in the first few weeks of life has a major impact on the animal’s later performance potential.

This effect, which is also known as metabolic programming, is concluded after about the first three weeks of life. Feeding the calf with a high-quality, easily digestible milk replacer such as JOSERA IgluStart is essential during this phase. With the ongoing physiological development of the calves however, such feeding is neither required nor economically sensible. We therefore recommend switching to a milk replacer with a higher proportion of plant components in the course of multi-phase feeding. This also promotes the physiological development into a plant eater.

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Brillant contains skimmed milk powder. It is one of the outstanding milk replacers for an excellant rearing performance and lifelong advantages.
  • High life effectiveness
  • Added protection
  • High weight gain for your calves
JOSERA GoldenSpezial is our premium milk replacer for early first calving and ultimate rearing performance
  • High life effectiveness
  • Rapid initial acceptance
  • Added protection
JOSERA IgluStart is our high quality milk replacer for ultimate protection and the best possible development of your calves.
  • High life effectiveness
  • Economical rearing
  • Healthy, strong calves
JOSERA Easymil is a special and stable milk replacer for the use in bunk / automatic feeders for a secure rearing and simple feeding.
  • Stable cold-sour liquid feed
  • Process efficiency advantages
  • Low calf losses
JOSERA Primamil is an economically based calf milk replacer which is ideal as a secondary product in the multiphase-feeding.
  • low rearing costs
  • high acceptance
  • safe rearing
JOSERA FE-Trank is a cost-effective milk replacer with effective diarrhoea protection and valuable dietary components.
  • Economic advantages
  • For cutting with whole milk
  • Protection against diarrhoea
Thanks to easy use and the skimmed milk powder content, JOSERA Milk&Fat is the ideal milk replacer for intensive rearing.
  • Very good liquid feed consumption
  • Reduced time on liquid diet
  • Low susceptibility to disease
Thanks to highly digestible proteins, JOSERA Optimil is our low-priced milk replacer for excellent rearing performance and beautiful calves.
  • Low rearing costs
  • Excellent acceptance
  • Reliable rearing
JOSERA Supramil is the solution for cost-effective and reliable rearing thanks to high quality whey and plant proteins.
  • Low rearing costs
  • Excellent acceptance
  • Effective against diarrhoea
JOSERA Vitamil is our alternative to white milk replacers. It offers high weight gain and is particularly well suited in case of high diarrhoea pressure.
  • Low rearing costs
  • Excellent acceptance
  • Effective against diarrhoea