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JOSERA feed for calves

Do you already know about the JOSERA product range for professional calf rearing? Our high-quality milk replacers with the innovative CalfCare functional package, balanced feeds for rearing and specialty products for specific situations and circumstances are ideal for covering the needs of a calf. Our feeding concepts aimed at healthy development provide everything needed for successful calf rearing. We work with you to lay the foundation for an optimum start to a calf’s life and the high effectiveness of dairy cows later in life.

JOSERA for calf rearing
Especially in the first few weeks, the nutrition demands of calves are very high. With our JOSERA products, you can rest assured that their needs are met.

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JOSERA on feeder rearing
For successful feeder production, your animals have to be healthy and willing to eat. You will find the feed you need with our product finder.

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